Subject: Re: Travelling or staying home this year?
G'day all you Ziners, Marghe and I are leaving in two weeks for the U.S. for a 6 week, 7 State vacation with children, grandchildren and friends. We believe only the casual travelers of the world will really be put off by this SARS and terrorism threat. Life goes on, doesn't it? We can't stay home so we won't get hit in a crosswalk, can we? No, we will continue to travel. The Bali bombing did scare us a bit more, mostly because it is such a close knit community normally. We delayed our trip there for 3 months, but had a wonderful time when we went. We have been having some devilish problems with our United reservations. We paid for our tickets, confirmed our seats 3 months ago. So far, our direct flight to San Francisco has been canceled (we are now being routed through L.A. ); our flight from Medford has been cancelled and rescheduled for a 5 a.m. departure. Our flight to Denver has been cancelled and the changed route means we will have a 9 (not a typo) hour layover in Denver on our way to the Big Easy. And there is still two weeks before we leave, so we wonder what other little delights we will receive from United. As far as the thread about Americans Abroad, I (Marty) proudly wear an American flag pin, as well as the Aussie flag pin. Just as Marghe and I do not hate all Muslims, we trust they do not hate all Americans or Aussies. We did have a problem with customs when we arrived in Bali, but I documented that in a previous e-mail to our Travelzine site. Each of us, as individual ambassadors of our countries and culture, cannot be responsible for world politics. Hopefully we leave happy footsteps in the lives of those we meet during our travels. We pray for world peace and safe travel for all of us. It will be the Mediterranean in 2004 for us! Happy and safe traveling, Marghe and Marty in Queensland.