Subject: Re: Travelling or staying home this year?
Hi everyone, We have just returned from three glorious weeks in Bali. It WAS quiet, and the hotel just a quarter full. We were treated so wonderfully by not just the Balinese in the hotel, but by every taxi driver or street seller, even just walking down the beach, some young soccer playing Balinese boy yelled out to us Hello, hello, welcome to Bali, have a wonderful holiday.

Before we left for Bali, I had friends telephoning questioning my sanity in travelling there, one woman even asking me if I was worried about suicide bombers! My daughter, her husband and our 18 month grandson were going to come on that vacation with us but I talked them out of it just in case. Needless to say, the 3 of them are heading over in a fortnight. Australia has travel warnings attached to 99% of S.E. Asia at the moment, but nothing is going to stop me from returning to this magical island.

>From absolutely saturated Sydney, Cheers, Michelle Stewart