Subject: Re: Travelling or staying home this year?
Hi Ziners,

My daughter and I are going to Paris and then Italy at the end of June into July. We have never been there, so we are very much looking forward to it and don't fear any adverse reaction to being an American at all. I've had reassurance from other people who have been to Paris recently.

We had this trip planned for months -- long before the war -- and we said nothing would stop us from going, as it did last time when it was to be our first trip to Paris. The date we were to leave was Sept. 26, 2001 -- just 15 days after the World Trade Center tragedy. Our flights had been cancelled, and we had to cancel everything else. We got most of our refunds back, but Eurail wouldn't refund even a penny of our money; so that was a good learning experience -- don't buy Eurail until just before you leave.

Diana San Diego, California