Subject: Re: carrying money and passports
Why are we so worried about being robbed in another country, more so than at home???? Well think about it:

1. In a foreign country you may not speak the language which makes everything more difficult.

2. Calling all your credit card companies to report them missing is more difficult and time consuming. At home you can usually get them replaced in a day, not so in a foreign country. You'll also be racking up high phone charges at your hotel - calls to 800 numbers are not free.

3.There's not a local branch of your bank so that you can get some cash without an ATM card. You probably have some money at home or an extra credit card. What will you do without any money in a foreign country?

3. Without your plane ticket you can't get home, could be forced to buy an expensive last minute one way ticket and then deal with the airline for months getting a refund on the stolen ticket. Or you could be stuck in your hotel for longer than planned - and paying by the night - while waiting to get an airline tkt replaced and some money for traveling.

4. Without your passport you can't leave the country you're in. You'll have to have it replaced.

5. Bear in mind that as a tourist traveling with luggage, guide books and not knowing the language, people assume that you have cash and credit cards on you.

I'm sure I've left some other obvious reasons out, but this is a good start.

Candice NYC