Subject: Re: Packing for south of France late June/July
Hi all,

Naomi asked -- in response to my statement about fitting in and dressing like the locals (or, at least, in clothing that isn't offensive to them) -- what do the locals wear?

In answer to that, I do a lot of research if I'm going to a place I've never been before. I look at travel video tapes and pay a lot of attention to how most of the locals are dressed. I research books and Web sites. For instance, before I went to Thailand, I learned a few words of Thai, I learned some of their customs, and I learned that I should wear long dresses and closed shoes. For France, sneakers (especially white) are a no-no. The French wear a lot of black, and in the summer it's a lot of beige. In Paris, the locals dress more chicly than Americans do, so I am packing more elegant clothes for when I'm in Paris. In Italy, I can dress more casually and more colorfully.

It's just a matter of reading up about the areas you go to. I sometimes will have pages and pages of info I print from the Internet on the history of the place, the customs, the best sites to visit, recommended restaurants, etc.

I hope this helps, Diana San Diego, California