Subject: Re: Travelling or staying home this year?
Hi All -

We started planning our annual summer trip to Italy back in December, when the euro was friendlier. We were able to use miles for two of our tickets and only purchase one ticket for our son, albeit an expensive one. Still, the price per person breakdown still made it worthwile. I hadn't even considered the war or european sentiments as a factor in our travels. We tend to blend in most of the time in Italy, or at least my husband does. They just think I'm German!

With the dollar sinking lower by the day, we don't plan to do as much shopping. I was able to find reasonable accomodations for the six weeks, which means keeping our average cost per night for lodging around 100USD. Gotta love farmhouse apartment rentals, which is were I was able to make up the difference. Each year the price for hotels seems to keep going up...

We are not going to let politics get in the way of enjoying our time off from teaching. Summer is cold in S.F., and I'd much prefer the sun.

Ciao, Kristy S.F.