Subject: Brazil in December
Fellow travellers,

Even though I am Brazilian, I have a question regarding travelling in that country. I am thinking of going there in the middle of December (not my favourite time to visit it), since that is the only time I can due to work commitments. I would like to possibly visit Gramado during Christmas, and maybe return to Iguassu Falls, as my companion has not visited it. My port of entry would be Sao Paulo, as I will be coming from Canada. Now the questions:

1. Would it be worthwhile to get one of the airpasses for Southern Brazil, since my time there will be limited and I must be back on the 3rd of January 2004?

2. Has anyone been to Gramado and has information and/or recommendations?

3. How about Iguassu Falls? When I was there I went with a group on an excursion, and I don't remember the name of the hotel in which we stayed and the price of the excursion included the entire trip.

All the best,