Subject: Heading for Paris
Dear Ziners,

Before we head for Paris this week, I just want to thank again everyone who helped answer our questions as we planned.

My young niece, Megan, and I are going to enjoy more than a week in our own little Paris apartment, tasting at least one new food each day, seeing tons of museums, spending a day at Parc Astérix, and shopping, shopping, shopping.

When I warned Megan that sometimes I tend to over-plan my trips and that we should be careful not to miss out on just enjoying the city, she thought for a minute and then came up with this solution: we'll set aside one hour each day, just to enjoy walking about and sitting in cafes. This is a child after my own organized little heart!

We plan to keep a web travelogue going while we travel. If you'd like to see Paris through the eyes of a 12-year-old and her auntie, look for us at (search by my first name).

A bientôt, Janice in Toronto (for two more days only!)