Subject: Re: London high speed train to Edinburgh
Hey, Mike...

Your train will depart from Kings Cross Station (if you are a Harry Potter fan you can try to find platform 9 3/4). This is on the north side of central London. Gatwick Airport is quite far to the south of London.

There is a train service called Thameslink that runs north and south through the London area; it serves Gatwick Airport and has a stop at Kings Cross Thameslink station. This is NOT the same station as your morning train departs, but is a couple hundred yards away.

I'm afraid I can't help you much with finding a hotel around there, though. But it would be a very good idea to stay very near Kings Cross station, since weekdays at 7am can be pretty hellish as to traffic, meaning even cabs aren't going to be very reliable, and the Underground is a zoo at that time.

You don't say what time you are landing at Gatwick; it could actually make sense for you to directly catch a train at Kings Cross to somewhere a bit north of London and take a room, catch your Edinburgh train from there, thereby avoiding the morning pandemonium at Kings Cross station, which is a major commuting station. A quaint B&B at Huntingdon or Peterborough or some such.

Regards, DAVE HATUNEN Tucson Arizona, out where the cacti grow