Subject: Travelling or staying home this year?
Hello, Ziners:

I've already been and back, i was in the UK again in April.

THe trip started off great but i got sick in the week coming up to Easter and by Easter i had to have the doctor to the hotel in London. It was a bronchial infection and i had to delay my flight home because i was just too sick to travel. My sister's boyfriend sprung me from the hotel and i recovered at his house, bless him cause we didn't know each other very well.

First half of the trip rocked though. Highlights include: Worcester, road trip to Iona, Scotland, Paul McCartney concert in Manchester, Cardiff and Bath though i was sick by the time i got to Bath. Still managed to see a few things. I may get a trip to the west coast of Canada later this year if work allows. I have enough aeroplan points to fly business class and i thought i'd treat myself. But... i'm also nearly topped up enough to get a free flight to Europe. Decisions, decisions!

The travelogue is so long that i think i should just post the url and you can all read it at your leisure. Otherwise i'd be posting about 10 parts lol including a concert review/description for April 9.

Diane Johnston Halifax, NS