Subject: Re: Anchorage, Alaska
Hi Kris,

I took a day trip to Seward for a boat trip around Resurrection Bay. The company, whose name escapes me, was the only one still operating, as it was just short of winter solstace.

If you are staying in a hotel, the TV will have a channel dedicated to things to do around Anchorage during the season that you're there. That is how I came to take the spur-of-the-moment trip. I reserved my space about 3 hours before the company van came to pick people up at their hotels for the trip to Seward. Of course, during the other three seasons, there will be more Tour Companies operating and more wildlife to see. In winter, we saw lots of moose, Dall sheep, and mountain goats on the ride down, but all but the bald eagles had flown south. We also got to see the resident pod of orca, as well as sea lions and sea otter.

If you like fishing, I understand there are day trips to Homer just for the halibut. (Sorry, couldn't resist that oldie!) In Seward, there is also the Alaska Sea Life Center to see if the weather is not cooperating.) Do not miss the Alaska Museum of History and Art in Anchorage. In winter, I had it to myself. One of the perks of being there in -7 F.

Simon and Seaford restaurant on 4th St. was recommended to me. Not cheap, but quite delicious. And the view would have been good if it hadn't been dark.

Carrie in parts unknown.