Subject: Re: Amex/Delta won't give companion ticket: Suggestions?
Hi Gail,

Three weeks have passed since I wrote my latest letter to Amex and nary a response has been forthcoming. Based on the little evidence I've had in the past, an answer, if there is to be one, finds it way to me within a month. So I plan to set the clock running for another week and put a few new wheels in motion if I don't hear from them, probably including complaints to the Post Office, my local legislators, and the CT Dept. of Consumer Protection. I suspect that Amex and Delta will find it a lot easier to send me a certificate, however valueless it may be, than to have to start spending time responding to each of these and others I may choose.
>From what I can tell, Amex specializes in stonewalling, which is fine. One of the classic responses to this inappropriate behavior is papering them over. Six months have passed since the date when they were supposed to provide me with the certificate and they have not fulfilled their part of the agreement. At this point, I will happily keep them busy until they learn to respond in proper and prompt fashion. The issue is now principle and I intend to make my point. Your comments are much appreciated. Thank you.

Russell from CT