Subject: road trips
Hello Kris,

Either north or south out of Anchorage on the road system will get you into some pretty country. The highway to Seward goes south and is quite scenic, lots of tall mountains and a couple of glaciers. To Seward it is 126 miles from Anchorage.

If you go north to Denali Park the first 75 miles or so are pretty busy, but after that the road goes through the Alaska Range and if it's a sunny day the scenery is spectacular. It is 240 miles to the park entrance from Anchorage.

The book to get if you are doing any road trips in Alaska is the Mile Post. It has every road in the state in it and lists everything of interest (even bathroom stops) along the roads. Remember that it doesn't get dark up here in the middle of the summer so you can cover a lot of country in a day and still be able to see what you came for.

Mike in Fairbanks