Subject: Re: Delta & Amex
Hi Carol,

Based on what I've learned about the Amex/Delta Skymiles card, you probably made the right decision. When I received my first certificate, the restrictions were so tight that it was totally worthless. The restrictions have continued to change and unless one can work around these, the certificate has little value. Nevertheless, Amex charges a substantial premium for this card and I'm looking forward to proper compensation for what I've paid. Once I make some headway, I will probably turn in the Amex/Delta card and either sign up for Amex Rewards or simply drop it and use Visa for everything. The Visa/AA arrangement is considerably more user- friendly and valuable than Amex/Delta. In view of the ongoing difficulties I have had with the latter, I would strongly recommend against anyone considering their offer. It is one step above totally bogus. That one step is the miles one accumulates for Delta flights. Offsetting that is the nearly worthless certificate and the difficulties people will probably have in using their miles for desirable flights.

Thank you for your comments.