Subject: Re: Travelling or staying home this year?
Hi fellow travellers,

We're still up in the air re Europe vs. US travel this year, not for political reasons entirely but more a combination of politics and finances. Our initial plan was to take a family vacation with my adult daughter to Ireland in late summer/september, but the prices are pretty high. Also under consideration: Prague, London, Paris, or Copenhagen. I wasn't able to find any bargains, and I found most prices to be rather high. So, if anyone knows where the european bargains are hiding, please share~! Based on that, it doesn't seem to me that many Americans who usually travel abroad are staying home. We were in London in January - many Americans and pretty pricey.

We may end up doing a quick family trip to Florida in early September, and go to Europe later in the Fall, just the two of us.

Re being an American abroad, I neither announce or deny my American citizenry. As a New Yorker from Queens, I think my speech probably gives me away! I have never experienced any anti-American sentiment during my travels in recent years - quite the opposite. But, I do make it a point to learn the most basic language phrases, be very polite, respectful of culture, values, etc. This goes a long way in bridging any gaps - real, imagined or anticipated.

So, perhaps I just talked myself into Europe this Fall....

Thanks, folks!

Vanessa Here in the sunny Hamptons!