Subject: Dollar down, Euro Up - Ideas for coping
Ciao Ziners!

As most of you know the dollar is down and the Euro is up. If you are one of our European Ziners from a Euro country, you may now visit New York, Yellowstone, and the Grand Canyon very cheaply. Congratulations!

However, I will be travling from the USA to Italy this summer and the cost of my trip keeps going up.

I am looking for suggestions on cheap (or at least cheaper) places to eat to help hold down the cost. If you know of cheaper (they don't have to be fancy, just good) restaurants in Rome, Florence, and the Hill Towns of Tuscany and Umbria, please let me know.

Thanks, Paul Seatle area

P.S. Even the Canadian dollar is looking good, over 70 cents USA. I hope you Canadians come down and visit us.