Subject: Re: What to do in Berlin
Hi Evan,

I planned a trip to Germany and Austria for a group a couple of years ago, and the main thing I wanted to see was the museum at Checkpoint Charlie - it's called The Museum of the Wall. This shows many ways people used to escape from behind the wall. If they couldn't get the hot-air balloon into the museum, at least they had pictures and the story boards. They did have the hollowed-out car, the double suitcase, and lots of other exhibits. The museum is in an old building, on several floors, not like any museum I've ever been in.

Our age group was very interested in it - maybe younger people would not find it so fascinating. But we had grown up watching TV and newsreels as the wall went up and as people tried to escape from East to West.

Another fascinating place to visit is in East Berlin - the Pergamon Museum with exhibits from the Middle East and Egypt including a huge portion of the Wall of Babylon, the Ishtar Gate. Very beautifully restored. This museum is very popular and very crowded.

We also visited Potsdam where one of the conferences was held, and saw the bridge where East and West traded their spies during the Cold War. As you can see, our focus was on WW2 history.

If anyone is interested in the almost unbelievable story of the Berllin Airlift, here's a website.