Subject: Re: Planning for June trip to the Dolomiti
Hello everybody,

I´d like to thank all the Ziners who have sent their recommendations for our next holiday. My only wish right now is to have fine weather and being able to have a few nice walks in the mountains.

Our initial itinerary is all set up. We will be leaving Bilbao early in the morning on the 7th of June. I have booked a room at one Etap hotel in Arles. Simple, but my sister wanted a place well located near the motorway, and the ETAP chain is quite decent. It is located near a big shopping mall, so we will head into the Casino or the Carrefour supermarket, and do our shopping for the next days. ViaMichelin gives us a 7 hour drive, so it won´t be so bad. The next day we will probably go (depending on the weather) via Genova or through the scenic route up to Briançon, Sestrieres and Torino ( we have done it in previous years, and we feel much confident with this road than with the Frejus tunnel). It will be more or less an 8 hour drive.

I have booked two days at a small place in Verona, called Hotel Piccolo. My email exchange with them has been fairly pleasant, as it has been with the tiny B&B we have booked in Alta Badia. I´d love restaurants recommendations for Verona. I hope we will have enough with a day there.

Our booking in Alta Badia is only for two days. As we are not sure about the weather, we want to be able to be a bit free. I looked for our accomodation using the various Dolomiti websites, and I have got lots of answers. Many places opened later than our travel dates, but the list of already-opened places were also quite good. Some of the hotels have sent us per post beautiful letters, with maps and plenty of information about the different valleys, so we won´t be lacking on what to do. One funny thing I have seen is that many of the places advertise a half-board price, insisting a lot on how many courses they have for dinner (it looks as if the people go mainly to eat :)) ).

Thanks again to everybody,

Covadonga Bilbao - Spain