Subject: Re: Dollar down, Euro Up - Ideas for coping
Hi Candice and all,

We're staying at *3* hotels in the Paris area, as we are limited on how many nights we can stay at the reduced rate. Also, the Hotel de Louvre (across from the Louvre and in a great location, as you know) reduced their rates for us for 2 nights as Michelle knows the rep for the hotel. We are first staying at Hotel de Louvre for the 2 nights, then we're moving to the Charles de Gaulle Sheraton for 2 nights (at the low rate), and the last 3 nights will be in Versailles.

We're definitely going to Giverny while we're in Versailles, but I don't know if we can make it to Chartres. We plan to relax on the beautiful grounds of the Trianon Palace, which has a gorgeous outdoor swimming pool with mosaic tiles on the bottom, and get a massage at their spa, and just get back to nature -- as well as visiting the Versailles Palace, of course.

We'll save $100 each by not having to take a train from Milan to Rome, as well as the higher price of the hotel (not Starwood) in Milan. We'll be flying directly from Paris to Rome, where we are also staying at a Starwood hotel -- the Sheraton Roma -- for 3 nights.

Our dates, in case any other ziners will be in these areas at the same time for a possible GTG, are:

Paris and Versailles: Sun., June 29, through Sat., July 5

Rome: Sun., July 6, and leaving Weds., July 9

For those who wanted to know, the French catalog I buy French clothes from is called La Redoute. They have a mail order location in the U.S., but all their items come from France through Customs at Charles de Gaulle Airport. Their Website is: , and their 800 phone number is: 1-800-254-0590.

Their prices are really good, and the clothing colors are more subdued than many of ours. I've been very satisfied with the merchandise I've received from them.

Diana San Diego, California