Subject: Re: Playing tourist in your own town
Well, Ziners, since I live in a suburb of San Diego, which is a tourist destination, there are lots of touristy and fun things to do. The waterfront of San Diego is beautiful, and there's lots to do there without even going inland. We have a cruise ship terminal with frequent cruise ships coming and going. Next to that are the boat cruises that circle around San Diego's large harbor, with some going all the way down to South Bay where the Navy has a mothball fleet. And, of course, there are lots of Navy bases around the harbor, including aircraft carriers, destroyers, etc. The Navy SEALS are trained at the amphibious base here, and the Marines have the West Coast boot camp base not far from the harbor.

There's also Sea World on Mission Bay, and the world-renown San Diego Zoo in Balboa Park. And Balboa Park is a destination in itself. It's very beautiful and was the site of the World Exposition in 1916 (I believe). Many of the old, ornate Spanish-style buildings that were built for the exposition have been maintained and house various museums. Balboa Park also has an area of cottages built around a green lawn. Each cottage represents a different country, and you can go there on a Sunday and find one of the countries hosting for the day with entertainment and food. Each of the cottages has representatives there to talk about their country, and each is decorated in the style of the country. (I love the Japanese Tea Room.)

And, of course, there are lots of beaches and beautiful scenery in San Diego. In addition, the zoo has a Wild Animal Park further north and inland, with the animals in natural habitat roaming the hills and valleys.

Then there's Old Town, where San Diego began. It's very authentic of the old Mexico days with lots of good Mexican restaurants, shops, restored buildings, etc. And San Diego is within a few miles of the Mexican border if you want to visit Mexico for the day.

Lots of good seafood, good Mexican food -- in fact, any kind of food you can think of.

To learn more about San Diego, you can visit this Web site: This site lists 152 recommended attractions in San Diego!

Diana San Diego California