Subject: Playing tourist in your own town
Hi Ziners,

The message about playing tourist in one's own town, made me think of a recent day trip in which I played a tourist in my own state of Washington. I traveled over the moutains to the the Yakima Valley. This area has a rather large number of vineyards and, of course, wineries. If you remember the days when you could drive about Napa Valley in California, visiting wineries and actually being able to chat with the owners and vinters, and if you regret the loss of those days, then have I got the place for you.

We visited six wineries in the Yakima area, all small. We avoided the wineries owned by corporations. What a wonderful day! None of the wineries was crowded with tourists. We sampled many wines and bought several bottles. More importantly we were able to actually talk with the owners and get their thoughts on vintages, varietels, etc.

FYI, none of the wineries had adopted the odious practice of charging for tasting.

Paul Near Seattle