Subject: Restaurant rec. outside of Lucca
Dear everyone:

Just got back from Italy. Longer travelogue to follow, but I did want to post a recommendation for a wonderful restaurant in the area outside of Lucca. When we were in Rome, we had dinner next to the table of a nice fellow from Oslo, who struck up a conversation with us. He owns an olive farm outside of Lucca, and when we mentioned that we planned to spend some time there, he recommended a restaurant run by friends of his. It received either one or two stars in the Michelin guide, I can't remember which--but of course, any stars from Michelin means a very good meal. The restaurant is called La Mora, at Ponte a Moriano, Via Sesto di Moriano 1748.

We had not rented a car, and the taxi ride was about 50 euros round- trip with tip, but the food is absolutely glorious, the service is exquisite, and the cost is remarkably low. We had prosecco before the meal, appetizers, pasta, main courses, a bottle of local red wine, vegetables, a salad, desserts, and cookies with Moscato (oof-- this was over the course of almost three hours, but still, oof), all for about 100 euros for both of us.

Although we spoke Italian to the owner and servers, the table behind us spoke only English and had no problem, so you shouldn't worry about your Italian being up to snuff. Reservations are probably a good idea on the weekends, they proved to have been entirely unnecessary on the Tuesday night we went. The restaurant is closed Wednesdays.


Sheila in Portland, Oregon