Subject: Re: A hat for summer in Italy

Paul, we do not only share the first name, but also the poor overhead coverage! Said so, excluding large cowboy hats, I'd say any cap is acceptable, even the baseball caps, more and more seen around. I use a soft one (which I bought in Florida, by the way) as it's easier to fold and stow into my pocket when not in use. You can of course buy a straw hat (wonderfully fresh but it takes a lot of room when you take it off), just don't buy one with a stenciled ribbon of Florence or Venice.... If you aren't used to Italian etiquette, a man should bare his head not only in churches but also inside any building; this sounds like something from last century, but I can't still keep my hat on on those circumstances without feeling uneasy. So, bring your own hat and be prepared to exchange it with a nicer one if you find it. Have a nice trip

Paolo Trieste, Italy