Subject: RE: A hat for summer in Italy
Hello Not-so-mad Hatters,

I own a wonderful crushable straw hat. It has all the sun-protection features of a tight-weave straw hat AND it is practically indestructible. It won't quite fold into a pocket like a cloth baseball cap; however, it does bend. I wear mine to the airport as I set off, and place it in the overhead bin ... and then pop it on as I de-plane. I discovered a little hat-trick which is especially useful for women on visits to churches in Italy. I bought a long, very open-weave black scarf with tassels on the ends. I wrap it around my hat twice and let the tassels hang at the back. Believe it or not, I've had lots of compliments on the look of the hat. BUT here's the neat part .. in a pinch (I've done it) I can take the scarf off my hat and drape it over bare shoulders and meet 'dress-code' requirements to enter churches. Maybe there is hope for me yet in the traveling light department!

There are several websites that provide info' on crushable straw hats for men and women in response to key words 'straw hat crushable.'

Good luck.

Lesley Toronto, Canada