Subject: Re: Eurail pass (was: Questions from a first timer to Europe!)
Hi, Brenda, Since you mentioned having a rolling bag from Rick Steeves, I guess you are not un-familiar with ordering from Rick Steves' website. I purchased my Eurail pass from Rick Steves' in 2001.

At the time I felt Rick's webiste taught me more about Rail passes than other websites, thus the person who works harder deserves my business.

I bought select saver pass, which allows me to use it for any 10 days within a 2-month period. (SELECT is to pre-select 3 or 5 neighboring countries. SAVER is saving 15% when two or more persons traveling together.) If the 3- or 5-country plan does not fit your itinerary, then an Eurail Flexipass will let you use it in any 10-day or any 15-day within a 2 months period.

Some segments require supplement. There is a section about Thalys at

Good luck.

Mei-Ching Tzeng (Massachusetts)