Subject: Re: Questions from a first timer to Europe!
Hello Brenda:

I think you're doing what I've done in the past: trying to get it all in with one trip!

Suggestion: cut it down to size and spend time in the areas you're most interested in. You might want to consider Holland and nearby countries (Belgium, Germany, France) while you're there - and then, take off for London. Since that's near the top of the list, spend the time there - you can take sightseeing tours from there to Oxford, Stonehenge, Stratford and the like. There is a day via train-bus for Stratford that allows for performances.

If you try to do everything, you can be in a tizzy and it becomes: If it's Tuesday, this must be the Mozel! I know; I've been there.

I didn't remember if your tickets are US-Amsterdam-Amsterdam-US or are open jaw, eg: US-Amsterdam-London-US. You have more flexibility with open jaw tickets.

Trains are ok. My husband, who is NOT the most mobile soul on earth has managed them in Europe and India; everyone is willing to help. Just get there early and don't lug too much stuff. Approach: pack as if you're taking it all in a carry-on aboard BritAir Economy.

Jo, stuck in Sunnyvale - for now!?