Subject: Re: A hat for summer in Italy
Hello, Lucy:

True, true, vacations are a time to relax and enjoy. But one should do it wisely and not put oneself at risk, simply in order to not feel out of place.

The fact is that the paranoia about sun exposure risk is actually a legitimate public health concern, one shared by North Americans and Europeans alike. Sun protection is practiced on both continents, where it is a health issue rather than one of style. In fact (as a dermatologist), I've presented data at a well-run Melanoma Conference held on San Giorgio Maggiore in Venezia, so I can assure you that this is a concern shared by the Italians. And, the flip side of the coin is that I've treated a many patients from Italy--too many--for skin cancer.

But style is key. Why not consider one of the finest hats in the world? A true Italian hat, a Borsalino fedora. No one can deny the true Italian flavor of this topper. You could visit the shop in Firenze, or maybe purchase one in advance. Consider this packable travel Borsalino fedora: You'll look stylish, Italian, and your dermatologist will approve.