Subject: Milan for World Rowing Championships
Hi Ziners, I am going to watch my son rowing in the World Championships in Milan in late August 2003! I have followed with delight everyone's interesting stories and information about Milan and Italy and I want to thank Mario for sharing so much helpful info about his city. Now I am wondering if Mario, or anyone else, would have some further information to help with our planning? The worlds are from 23 Aug to 01 Sept at the Idroscalo Park by the Linate airport. My son is staying with the Candian Team and my partner and I are deciding where we should stay. We don't want to have a car for that week. If we stay near the Idroscalo Park, transportation to and from the park should be relatively easy but we are concerned that there may not be many inexpensive restaurants and grocery stores in the area. If we stay more centrally we can enjoy more of the city sights in between the rowing events. The compromise would be longer bus and subway rides to the park. I am thinking we will likely spend 2 to 4 hours a day at the rowing event up until the finals which would be longer days. So my questions are about ease of transportation to and from Idroscalo Park, accomodation and food in the area. How long is the ride from downtown, does the metro stop at the park, perhaps a bus goes to the park, are some of the airport hotels close enough to walk to the rowing venue, would we find affordable places to eat nearby the park. We need to find a relatively inexpensive place to stay (I am supporting a Canadian National athelete who does not have a paying job!) We will be staying on afterwards in Italy and perhaps Slovenia or Croatia. Your suggestions are appreciated...... ps. Canada is the defending World Champion! Cheers to you all, Val Hodgson Whitehorse, Yukon