Subject: Re: A hat for summer in Italy
Hello Ziners: Along the thread of wearing a hat and February I had to undergo a treatment because of pre cancerous conditions existing on my face, due the dermotologist tells me from over exposure to the sun over the years. It was a four week procedure using a fluorouracil cream applied to my face. I became cosmetically awful to look at but had been told a number of times the procedure was in my future and I had seen photos so I knew what to expect. I'm glad I waited until I retired to do it, but I have purchased four hats for the summer as a couple of different sunscreens to have with me at all times. I've always shied away from hats on our trips, but never again. Any portion of my face could have developed into a serious form of cancer so I'm glad I did it, but I urge everyone to use sunscreen and wear hats. Apply sunscreen to all exposed parts i.e. ears, lips etc. Take care

Barb in Grand Rapids.