Subject: Re: A hat for summer in Italy
Hi, Ziners:

I disagree with Lucy about the sun paranoia that North Americans have. It's not paranoia -- it's a health problem for fair-skinned people. I am of Irish/English descent, so I have fair skin that burns and freckles easily. I'm a native Californian, but I grew up in the desert area of Arizona. Back then people didn't know that the sun can damage your skin, and I would frequently get badly sunburned as a child and teenager. The pre-cancerous spots started showing up when I was in my 30s, and since then I've had 3 skin cancer surgeries on my face, including an extensive one on my nose where a flap of skin from my cheek had to be brought over and grafted to the large area on my nose that had to be cut out. It was the size of a half dollar. I've also had many, many pre-cancerous lesions on my face frozen off. I am under doctor's orders to wear a hat whenever I am out in the sun, and I have many hats in different colors to go with my outfits. I also wear a very strong sunblock on my face, but that isn't sufficient.

I have traveled all over the world, and I have never felt out of place wearing a hat.

Diana San Diego, California