Subject: Brief weekend in Chicago and touring hometown
Hi all-

Hate to gush about my hometown ( :-)), but Mark's post touched upon the very least our wonderful city has to offer as spring turns to summer. I left the lakefront after a meeting just about half an hour ago as the fireworks from Navy Pier were starting. Bella Notte is wonderful, but there are many restaurants in the same neighborhood that are just as good, and hundreds around the city. The neighborhood and lakefront festivals are only just beginning. About half a dozen cruise ships leave Navy Pier regularly for daytime, lunchtime and evening or dinnertime cruises along one of the most magnificent waterfront skylines in the world. This does not even address the wonderful museums and other cultural adventures available.

I have traveled to many places around the world, and hope to continue to do so, but love to come home to Chicago. Let me know if you are going to visit!

Lisa in Chicago