Subject: Re: Milan for World Rowing Championships
Hi Yukon,

it is Marco from Milan her (and NOT Mario ;-)

Sorry, no metro to Idroscalo but there is a regular bus connection during summer. The bus leave in the city centre nearby the Duomo at it take about 30 min. For the time table, have a look to the milan public transportation company web site at then click on 927 to Idroscalo then on Summer Service onthe right top of the page (don't care about the advice data not avaiable!).

I believe that there is some hotel nearby the airport but not cheap at all. about food I know there are few reataurant nearby, but if you mean just a sandwiche or someting like that for a light lunch, don't worry about because there are some kiosks in the park. I'd suggest to look for a hotel in the city than take the bus to the park. Sorry but I haven't any hotel suggestion for you, maybe other ziners have got.

I'll be happy to help you in planning your trip in Milan but take into account that I'm leaving tomorrow to Syria for my holidays, I'll be off-line from the list for a month so you should contact me privately while off line.

Have a nice trip, Marco in Milan (but not for long).