Subject: Re: Ryanair
Hi Brenda, I hadn't been on the site for a while so just read your post. I rate Ryanair top of the charts. Why? They came to my rescue one trip to Ireland when I'd messed up my connections. Needing to get from Kilarney to Heathrow to catch my flight home to Toronto they got me on flight to Stanstead which after a short bus ride got me to Heathrow. No Frills but professional service and a very reasonable walkup fare. Use them. One overall observation. Plan,plan,plan before you go then relax a bit. Don't overbook, don't lockin too much of your itinerary. All that planning and study becomes a wonderful base of knowledge from which to improvise a bit. Above all if you find yourself wanting to linger because a place has cast a bit of a spell but feel driven to get on to the next stop...ignore the itineray and give in to your better self. Above all don't sweat it too much or take it seriously. You'll be back. Dan In Toronto