Subject: RE: Favorite airports
Hello, Ziners:

As the summer travel season is finally upon us & Ziners are heading off in many directions, I wonder if you have favorite airports? How often does a change of planes in a notoriously awful airport affect your choice of schedule? Do you take a lower price over airport choice?

The new international terminal at SFO is one of my favorites. It's light, airy, convenient & easy access from most domestic inbound connectors. The gates themselves are a little chaotic at boarding time, with awkward lines snaking around the check-in counters, but compared to, say, La Guardia even on a good day, not all that bad.

Most unforgettable airport: Havana, Cuba! Even if you could figure out what system is being used to get passengers in line for check in, it wouldn't help because no one is following the system anyway.

Most joyful airport: Kona, Hawaii! Open air, lots of flowers, comfortable facilities & a laid-back atmosphere.

Strangest airport: Bombay. No place to sit! This is where I learned how to sleep standing up, propped against a fellow traveler's back.

Until we get Star Trek's Scotty to beam us to our destinations, we're stuck with airports. I guess I'm an airport junkie: I love wandering around & watching how the whole thing works or doesn't.

Gail In Eugene, longing for an airport experience