Subject: Language Dictionaries for PDA
Ciao Ziners,

In preparation for my trip to Italy, I have purchased two English-Italian dictionaries for use on my Palm Handheld computer (otherwise know as a PDA. Both cost about $25 USD.

The first dictionary I purchased was sold by a group called SlovoEd. It is my favorite of the two. It's interface is easy to use and it lists many phrases as well as single words in Italian. For example, along with the word piano, it also lists piano d'azione, piano di ricereca and so on. It also lists the context that a word is used in, for example as part of a project, or in geometry. Very Nice. BUT, despite paying the registration fee and getting the registration code, my dictionary still insists that it is an unregistered version, and keeps popping up annoying reminders to register. The SloveEd people are far away (Russia?) and despite there attempts to help, the dictionary still insists that I have not paid the registration fee. So be warned if you choose to buy this dictionary.

Ther other dictionary is by RoadLingua. It also has a good list of words and also lists phrases. It does not give the context information that the SlovoEd dictionary does, a minor negative in my opinion. I have not yet registered the dictionary so I don't know how well that process works.

I find these dictionary very useful. Unlike a printed dictionary, it is far less bulky. Unline a phrase book, it has many more words and can help translate signs and such.

I also purchased a verb conjugator, that will congugate many italian verbs including the very important irregular verbs. (Why are the irregular verbs always the most imporant ones?). This is a great tool for me because I constantly forget how to conjugate the many tenses of Italian. I don't have the name of the conjugator with me, but I can provide it if you want.

These programs run on relatively small PDA's. I use a m105 with 8 megs of memory.

Paul Seattle