Subject: Re: Single Best Airfare Web Site and Travel Plans

Another site that I rely on is You download it to your PC and go from there! Recently we wanted a fare from Vienna to Dusseldorf. Besides the usual--Lufthansa--which wanted an arm and a leg (and I need both!) Sidestep came up with a very reasonable fare of $85 pp. Check it out!

We're leaving on June 10 for two months of camping with our travel trailer--Boca Raton to the Canadian Maritimes and back. Then September 5 it's off to Belgium (2 weeks of renting our canal boat--my husband is the skipper and I'm the crew ;0) on to Germany for Oktober Fest and then on to Vienna. We have tix to the Spanish Riding School.

Hope everyone has a great summer!

Jane, Boca Raton