Subject: Re: Favorite airports
Hi Ziners,

Not to say it's a favorite, but one of the more unusual airports I've encountered was in Xian, China. After MANY delays, we arrived there about ten pm. The plane had stopped about a block's distance from the entrance, on the tarmac, and there were no lights to see where we were walking. A single bulb dangling on the electrical cord hung at the entrance, and that was our guide to know where we were going. We had to wait about two hours for our luggage because no one was there to unload it, so finally some of the men in our group very insistently volunteered to unload it themselves. Quite unusual! Of course, this was in '85. I know it's changed a lot since then.

Two years later, arrival at Denpasar Airport, destination Bali, was a bit of a surprise in that the upper walls were open to the roof, protected from rain by the eaves, but bats were hanging inside. Well, we all know that travel is enlightening, and it wouldn't be fun (as many have pointed out) if things were going to be just like at home. On that same trip, we found the airport in Jakarta really charming with all the carved wood grilles as decoration. Very, very beautiful.

Makes some of our airports seem kind of dull, doesn't it?

Happy travels to all, Lou Matthews (Lakeway, TX)