Subject: Re: Favorite airports
Hi Ziners,

I wonder how many Ziners would agree that airports have become glorified bus stations - a place to transit.

This is unfortunate because, generally speaking at international airports, travellers are tired and/or cranky while they are there and we have paid a lot of money to get to our destination. I have no favourites. However I can say that sleeping on the floor in the Mexico City Airport is more comfortable than sleeping in Marseilles Airport (I've had to do both). Calcutta airport is fine if you assert yourself and the Kathmandu airport staff understand if you order countlesss cups of tea because you have to spend countless hours there while waiting for a flight.

Honolulu is best forgotten as a bad experience but, believe it or not, La Guardia has good signage, efficient service and amaiable staff, in my experience. Chicago is also a good bet. Because so many flights are channelled through there, they will hold a flight to wait for you if your incoming flight is late. If they can't, they will bend over backward to accommodate you. This happened to me twice and my luggage even made it to Toronto.

Beijing Airport is interesting too. We arrived late and bullied our way (we were nice but assertive) on to a flight to India and the Chinese security let us through.

Heathrow has it down pat if you have to spend time there. Lots of shops for the traveller when your flight is late (the norm) and showers, but you can find yourself having spent a lot of money in the shops because of the delays.

For a boring experience, and surly service, I am sorry to say that Pearson Airport at Toronto is right up there.

Lucy (who flies out of the Island Airport whenever possible) in Toronto