Subject: Re: airports, sleeping..
Hey, Ziners,

Due to a weather delay, I had to overnight at Minneapolis Airport. All the cheaper hotel rooms were already taken, so I decided to weather the storm at the airport. Well, I tried laying across three attached chairs that didn't have arms, but who could fall asleep with the bright lights, the constant PA announcements and the noisy cleaning machines strolling by?

Then I remembered the observation tower! Alas, there was a cleaning cart blocking the way up the stairs, obviously so no one would go up there. I squeezed passed it and went up anyway. There were no lights, except for what came in the windows and no noise. No, wait. What was that low rhythmic sound reaching my ears? It was the low snoring of the cleaner, who had also come up to have a quiet nap. I very gladly joined her.

Carrie, from Bardonia, NY