Subject: Re: Favorite airport
Hi Ziners,

If it hasn't been mentioned already--and I suspect it has--one of my faves is Hong Kong's Chek Lap Kok. I can tell you, you *know* you've landed at a world class air terminus when there. (Maybe it's the cushy elite class lounges that allow me to fill up on lots of good goodies, including wine and spirits, before departing. Oh, scratch that, it's just being in HONG KONG....:->)

But one of my OTHER faves USED to be the airport on Maui. Anyone else remember landing on the tarmac there, smelling the flower-(and jet-fuel) scented, humid air, seeing the sunshine and palm trees, deplaning on a set of stairs rolled to the plane door, then clambering over piles of luggage (and other passengers) literally *heaped* under the classic, rusting corrugated metal lean-to? Now that's old Hawaiian atmosphere. Now things there have become quite efficient, with climate control, jetways, luggage carousels, etc.

Dan Cutcher