Subject: Please help with London, Germany & France
Greetings: I am wondering if anyone can help us?

My husband's sister lives in Germany (near Stuttgart) so my husband, my 15 year old twins (a boy and girl) and I are taking advantage of some low airfares we found and are flying to London. We have 15 days. We may be going to London, Germany and perhaps, France????

Might anyone have suggestions on an inexpensive place to stay as a homebase while in London? Maybe on the outskirts?

My husband and I went to Great Britian 20 years ago this summer for our honeymoon and did not have reservations but just found B and B's as we went along...will this work for 4 people in early August or would you recommend advance reservations?

Also does anyone have suggestions on traveling with teens near London and in Germany and France? Interesting things to see near Stuttgart, etc.? Off the beaten track kind of stuff? Lodging suggestions? We are thinking of traveling by Eurorail....any thoughts on this?

Any help you can provide would be so appreciated...we are planning this kind of last minute and want to make it a special experience for our twins (and ourselves :-)

Thanks so much!

Cheri Miller Neenah, Wisconsin