Subject: Re: England by rail
Hi there,

Trains in England can be quite unreliable. However they are more comfortable than a trip via coach - especially on long journeys. The only tip I would give - is don't book the last train service of the day - unless you have to.

The train services operated by virgin are quite pleasant &they do have some good offers. It may be worth checking out their prices (especially the best value fares from the Quick Link option).

The virgin site also sells tickets for other train operators.

Other tips for overseas travellers to consider are the following train passes which cost about 12+ pounds.

* If travelling with children buy a yearly family pass - we did this when my partners 14 year old was visiting us (from S.Africa) &her fare was something like 2 pounds from mid UK up to Scotland. Children pay a set price if travelling with an adult &adults get a discounted fare provided a child is travelling with them.

* There are passes that give approx 50% discount to pensioners are also available.

Enjoy your trip