Subject: Historical Lexington & Concord, Massachusetts
Hi, Ziners,

We took guests to Concord Massachusetts today to have Sunday brunch at the historical Colonial Inn ( ). There was a Louis May Alcott character chatting with customers. I told her that I visited her house, Orchard House, a few years ago. I also told her that I read her Little Women in Chinese translation when I was 14. She was very pleased. She asked how to pronounce Little Women in Chinese. She came back to our table a few times to make sure her pronunciation was correct.

It just occurred to me that perhaps I should introduce visitors who come to Boston to spend a day visiting Lexington and Concord for a bit of American history. We often take out-of-state visitors to Lexington Green (where the first shot between Minute man and British soldiers were fired in April of 1775) then drive along the beautiful Route 2A west to Concord's North Bridge where fierce battles between Minute Man and British soldiers were waged at noon time on that same day.

Concord is about 20 miles west of Boston. You will need a car to get there from Boston.

Alcott's Orchard house : Nathaniel Hawthorne's Wayside is near by the Orchard house. Thoreau's Walden Pond : For more info, here is Concord Chamber of Commerce,

And by the way, there is a Boston GTG on 6/14, 12:45PM. If you have not signed-up but decide to come, just shoot me an email. Thank you.

Mei-Ching Tzeng (Massachusetts)