Subject: Re: Please help with London, Germany & France

In London:

For less than the Travel Inn suggested, we have used and got the Kensington Palace Thistle, which is a nice hotel with awful service and a great location, just off Gloucester Rd. and Kensington High St. Good shopping, transportation, lots to walk to. Our room had a view of Kensington Palace, which we loved. The bad service did work once in our favor: the desk people couldn't find the cheap room we had reserved, and after waiting for quite a long time, they gave up the search and put us in a junior suite.

On the other hand, they NEVER found a lid to our teapot, or cream, milk, or whitener for the tea and coffee set up in the room; the concierge couldn't help at all, with anything, let alone tickets and restaurant reservations; but one wouldn't find a concierge at Travel Inn, at least in our experience, and this was a pretty nice hotel, if one removed the humans working there.

Both Destination Europe at and offered very good deals on the Thistle Kensington Palace. Thistle Hotels own website also often has very good deals. has good London hotels and people are reporting good rates. Of course, one has to be familiar with Priceline and its rules and regulations, but they do have options that make London affordable.

London is an inexpensive city for hotels. The rooms are generally very small, often not nice, and quite expensive. It helps me to search through all the bargain sites, and I enjoy finding something nice from Priceline or the other sites mentioned above.

Best Regards, Debbie in Pittsburgh