Subject: Gadgets for France & ground transport
Dear Ziners,

As I've written before, our family is vacationing in Paris this month, in fact, we leave a week from today. While I lived in Provence some 20 years ago, and honeymooned there a few years later, I have a few questions for this trip.

Gadgets: I'd like to bring my mobile phone, a Treo 270. My carrier, T-Mobile, will start up my international service and charge me $1/min for both local and calls back to the US. Very few people have my number, and I don't expect to use my phone much, but I'd like to have it along for both business and security reasons. It's a GSM phone, and can be used in Europe. My friend Steve uses AT&T service, and purchased a separate SIM from them, which he switches to when he travels to Europe. He suggests I do the same, but i don't know if an AT&T chip will work on my phone.

I'm also planning to bring my Ipod for the flights. I don't have a travel converter. Apple has just come out with set of adapter plugs for every possible configuration to be used with the Ipod charger. Is there any reason i can't use these plugs when re-charging my Treo?

I've just ordered a new digital camera, a Canon S230, and a 256k compact flash card for it, do I need to bring an extra battery?

I have read all the posts in the archives re cell phones in Europe, but since I already own a GSM phone, my question is a bit different.

On my other trips to France, I've taken a taxi from the airport. I've heard a taxi could be $50-$60, and a shuttle $15/pp. In most cities, we use a taxi or a car service (NYC and Orlando), with 3 people, a shuttle isn't much cheaper and takes longer.

I'm happy to hear everyone's advice.

Thanks, Elizabeth, in Chicago