Subject: Re: Gadgets for France & ground transport
Hi Elizabeth,

You can buy a French SIM card in Paris which will permit you to use your phone with a prepaid phone card. I also have T-Mobil and they will give you a code to permit you to put in the SIM card. Check with HandSpring if they have any SIM that will work. I should imagine that the ATT chip is for their network.

The converter plugs should work for your phone as well as the ipod and battery recharger. I bought my converter plugs at Circuit City, but had to buy another kind of plug in Naples.

When we arrived in Paris last week we took the train into the city. It is very convenient and fast. The fare is about $7.50, I got sort of taken(it was really my own fault) I had asked to buy a 5day Metro card and was sold one for about $45.00 which permits you to travel much further than we ever did. It was definitively overkill.We just chalked it up as part of the vacation expense. There is also an airport shuttle which we took from the hotel to the airport that was very good we paid 22 euros to the shuttle van and 12 to the hotel for 2 people.

Absolutely get an extra set of batteries. My battery charger has been replaced once already and the second replacement was not working in Paris nor when I got home. They don't seem to be very study, I only bought my camera in January. So if your one set runs dry at least you have a second set for back up.

Have a great trip Fanny in sunny NYC