Subject: Re: Favorite airports
Hi, Gail!

I'm actually extremely fond of our little Portland airport... in part because it's small, so getting to the gate is never a particular trial, but also because the shops are such a great way to fill up some time. Between Powell's Books and The Real Mother Goose, I always have plenty to do. A nice balance between being big enough to be interesting, but small enough to be convenient.

Least favorite: Frankfurt. Sprawling, ungainly, wildly disorganized. I've been there four times, and every time I had to walk more than a mile from one gate to the next (up stairs, down stairs, across long stretches of featurely corridors, into elevators, out of elevators), often with very little time--and three of those times, the original gate turned out to be the wrong one, and I had to turn around and go back to roughly where I'd come from. Also, when returning to Rome, we had to show our passports and tickets at FIVE different stations--at one point, we had our passports examined, walked fifty feet, and we all had to have them examined again by someone else, for no apparent reason.

Sheila in Portland, Oregon