Subject: Re: Chicago
Hi all-

Astro mentioned the suburban shopping malls and Elgin riverboat as Chicago places to visit. I am not really a shopper, but those malls are great if you are visiting the suburbs and want to see all of the various wonderful Chicago area stores. Of course, there is Michigan Avenue, too. :-)

May I suggest that you come on down and see the fireworks, the neighborhood festivals, the harbors, the parks, the museums, the downtown plazas, the architecture, the river, the many large and small theaters . . .

Sorry, I am running at the keyboard again about this great city.

BTW, I just spent a very short weekend in Atlanta, and was reminded that there is an awful lot to see there, too, that I did not have time for. Anyone with recommendations? I am returning for another short weekend, mostly wedding related but with perhaps a day of leisure on July 12.

Lisa in Chicago