Subject: Re: Gadgets for France & ground transport

My wife and I were in Paris last month. My Treo 270 worked there, with its existing SIM card. We are T-Mobile customers. I made no calls, but I used GPRS extensively for web surfing and email. I did have to change networks occasionally in order to get GPRS to work. Orange F worked at the airport but nowhere else, for example. The Treo recharged with a converter with no problem.

Whether you can use another SIM card depends on whether your Treo is 'locked'. If you got it as part of a package with a service provider, it may be locked, particularly if you are still in your original service agreement. There is, believe it or not, a Yahoo group for Treo users, where the experts hang out.

My digital camera uses AA batteries, so I'm no help there.

We took a taxi from the airport to our hotel in the Marais district. It was very expensive - 65 Euros or so. We used the blue van to get back to the airport. They have a website (from memory, now) something like It was much cheaper and a nice ride. I think you might be able to book them from the web, but I didn't try.

Good luck and bon voyage Jim in TX