Subject: Re: Is Ryan Air for real?
Hi there,

Ryan Air does have very cheap flights on offer, indeed starting from 1.00 or 2.00, but as always it depends on how flexible you are in your flying times/dates etc. It also depends on how popular the destination is. The more popular, the higher the price. And, something they have not mentioned is the airport taxes, which can add up to 25.00 (one way) Since at Ryan Air you pay separately for flights, it can cost a lot more to get back than it is to travel there or vice versa. The route London-Amsterdam is one of the most frequently flown routes and it pays to shop around, not only for airlines, but also for Airports. When I was flying regularly from London to Amsterdam, I found that Heathrow was not always the cheapest (although the biggest airport), but I have flown on various occasions from London City Airport. The most economical way to travel from London to Amsterdam is by boat-train. You buy a ticket at Liverpool Street Station (or at any travel agent) and the train from Liverpool Street takes you to Harwich and from there the boat (8 hours) to The Hook of Holland. From there a train is waiting to take you via Rotterdam to Amsterdam. For the die hard (and probably even cheaper) you can take a National Express bus ( ) from Victoria Station which takes you via Dover-Calais-Rotterdam to Amsterdam. A long sit, not very comfortable, but as they say cheap as chips


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